Paul is a passionate teacher, performer, coach, author, composer and workshop facilitator. His purpose and passion is to continue to learn and work with people to assist them in developing their skills to achieve their goals. His experience extends across many fields: Business, music, technology and sports.

Paul is a founding director and co-owner of Forte School of Music, a thriving and growing franchise network of music schools with over 5,500 students across 17 locations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Since 1994, he has worked with his franchise partners to help them build their businesses in all areas including marketing, human resources, management and administration.

As the co-author of many Forte course books, Paul has also co-created the Forte School of Music Teacher Training programmes which thousands of teachers have participated in. He is co-writer of the easiLEARNmusic educational text books which are published/distributed in Australia and the United Kingdom by Hal Leonard Corporation, the world’s largest music publisher.

He is a regular contributor to the Australian Piano Teacher Magazine and is currently working on a book to be released in 2019 for the 25th anniversary of Forte School of Music.


Whole Body Learning is an approach to teaching music that can be incorporated at any stage of learning for any piano or instrumental student. It is based on the ideas, concepts and approaches of Orff & Keetmen, Dalcroze, Kodaly, Suzuki, Gordon and the current research into neuroscience and how the brain learns. 

These strategies for teaching music are not new. Bringing them together to develop pedagogically sound, educational pathways for instrumental and piano teaching is unique. Over the last 30 years of teaching, Susan Head & Paul Myatt have explored many approaches and incorporated what we believe has worked best for our students and us as teachers.

What we have observed in our own teaching is that students find learning easier and more fun as well as achieving a more musical outcome which incorporates aural, rhythm, performance, improvisation and reading.

In this approach, all the learning happens in the lesson, so even if they don’t practice during the week, they tend to remember what has happened because it is embodied. We are confident you will have the same experience with your students.