Joanne Burrows has over twenty years of experience teaching piano and classroom music. She is currently Head of Keyboard and Chair of the Curriculum Council at the Riverina Conservatorium of Music. Her pedagogical materials and piano works published by Wirripang aim to motivate and inspire students. Joanne’s passion for quality teaching has led to further post graduate study in the form of a Masters Research Project examining curriculum materials, motivation and student progress in the first three to four years of learning, commenced July, 2016 through Central Queensland University (CQU). She has conducted many workshop presentations, including Sounding Australia Conference MTA NSW; Alan Lane Memorial Workshop QMTA, New Beginnings WAMTA, Beyond the Black and White APPC 2015 and Keys to a Changing World APPC 2017 and Variations on a Theme APPC 2019.


In this workshop we explore a range of exciting music education materials suitable and adaptable for all instruments. The repertoire, aural activities, improvisational cues and compositional tasks that will be the focus of the workshop are ideal for all forms of music education, including: the instrumental studio, shared lessons, small group lessons and the music classroom. A survey of Australian teachers identified that a cut and paste approach, for example, a bit from one book and a section from another book, is a common way for Australian teachers to adequately meet the needs of their students. New pieces, new ideas, fresh starting points and new ways of presenting musical concepts and skills is essential, especially in relation to the motivation and engagement of the 21st century student. The materials presented at this workshop offer the teacher flexibility in the sequence and pace of learning and provide inspiration for teaching music and music education.